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Intellectual property commercialisation and licensing courses
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Licensing of intellectual property is the least explored growth strategy. Iptium provides practical education to company leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Turn your ideas into revenue.
Leverage intellectual property to grow faster.
Iptium provides courses to rapidly upskill so you can learn and implement into your own organisation.

IP Licensing Education


Learn intellectual property for business, how to protect, create and license to make money or grow

Dynamic Content

IP courses incorporating sales, law, finance and marketing of and made for the busy business leader

Practical Learning

A realistic and applicable approach empowering you to develop a new business growth strategy

Industry Specific

Courses created to give you real examples and ideas from within your industry to get inspired

Executive Education

Fast and intensive learning. Up-skill at a rapid pace to match your dynamic business requirements

Entrepreneur Education

Curated courses that challenge the adventurous, agile and innovative business owner

Targeted IP

Courses developed specifically to commercialise trademarks, patents, copyright, innovation and technology

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

Innovation and Creativity

Companies that create and successfully leverage innovation and are outperforming their competitors, driving new sustainable growth and delivering improved shareholder value.

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Intellectual property commercialisation and monetisation
through licensing is rapidly being adopted
by progressive businesses, innovators and creators

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Australian First


Uniquely curated cohesive programs totally focused on how to license intellectual property made for Australia​


Courses developed by leading Attorneys, Lawyers, Accountants and professional licensing practioners​


Inspiring and focused courses to rapidly upskill for business executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and artists​

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