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Intellectual Property Commercialisation



Exclusive for Australian Business Leaders


To provide fast, practical and intensive learning for the CEO, Board Director and C-Suite.
Up-skill at a rapid pace to match your dynamic business requirements.


Less than 1% of Australian Leaders utilise intellectual property for growth. Get empowered as you to learn, network and balance your career. Work on your business in the course.


Facilitated by an Attorney, Lawyer and Accountant experienced across IP licensing sales, marketing, finance and law to prepare Company Leaders for strategic growth.

Commercialise and Monetise
IP Assets

Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing education for Company Leaders.

In the new world of rapid change, astounding technology and brand domination, new strategies for innovation are evolving.

Companies that create and successfully leverage innovation are outperforming their competitors, driving new sustainable growth and delivering improved shareholder value.

Executives IP Licensing courses for the:

  • CEO, COO, MD
  • Board of Directors
  • Brand Owner, Innovation Owner

Licensing is the ultimate competitive advantage

Less than 1% of Australian Company Leaders include intellectual property licensing in the growth strategy.

It is intricate programme incorporating sales, law, finance and marketing.  A competitive advantage, once understood and executed.

If your company wants to grow, to improve performance of current intangible assets and stay in front of the shifting competitive landscape, then invest in opening your knowledge to intellectual property licensing.

Learn from industry leaders experienced in IP Licensing commercialisation and monetisation.

IP Licensing

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Your Company may have intangible assets that you can exploit for commercial gain.

Unrealised intellectual property may be one of these

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the non-physical properties that are a result of creativity

These include, and are not limited to, trademarks, designs, patents and forms of copyright such as training manuals, scret firmula, software, core technology and packaging design.

Leaders in IP Licensing

Iptium delivers a leading framework to challenge the top decisions makers and company strategists to drive sales and increase value for stakeholders.

Learn how to unlock, protect and drive innovation from licensing:

  • Study how to license your intellectual property
  • Be introduced to licensing as an equity driver
  • Think and grow globally with an IP licensing strategy
  • Board of Directors
  • Brand Owner, Innovation Owner

Gain knowledge across sales, law, finance and marketing to master IP licensing for sustainable growth.

  • Executive Education

    Fast and intensive learning.  Up-skill at a rapid pace to match your dynamic business requirements

  • Practical Immersion

    A realistic and applicable approach empowering you to develop a new business growth strategy.  Network with other leading IP owners and business leaders.

  • Restricted Entry

    Acceptance is restricted to match your business industry and internal resourse capabilities within a small workshop group size.

  • Targeted IP

    Courses developed specifically to licensing of IP Assets across trademarks, patents, copyright, innovation and technology.

Study IP Licensing

Invest in your career.

Iptium IP Licensing courses are accelerated educational programmes to empower decision makers.
The curriculum is created for you to learn then implement.

You focus just one day.
Create value for your company and your career.

The learning is crafted to enhance leadership capabilities through a framework of comprehensive and in-depth knowledge for immediate impact.
Hands-on up-skilling with real IP licensing issues and case studies.
Work on your business in the workshop.

IP Licensing is the ultimate competitive edge for corporate leaders.

Intellectual Property is mightier than steel.