Innnovative Education


creating the first cohesive intellectual property
commercialisation and licensing education courses​

Educators with Experience


Iptium workshops are delivered by intellectual property licensing professionals who are commercially engaged to drive IP licensing growth in progressive Australian companies.

Our educators are Attorneys, Lawyers, Finance and Tax Accountants and Licensing Agents running their own successful businesses who have now joined forces to lead the IP licensing education for Australian corporate executives.

Our Vision

Iptium wants to enhance the performance and growth of every Australian business through education of intellectual property commercialisation, monetisation and licensing

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

Informative and Impactful

Iptium has been created to enrich our nation through the delivery of intensive, focused and real-life learning courses that can be consumed online and in your own time. 

"The more that Australia understands intellectual property commercialisation, the richer we will grow as a nation."

Another Aussie Innovation


Uniquely curated programs totally focused on how to license IP and made for Australia​


IP licensing is the least utilised strategic growth programme for Australian businesses, until now. ​


ntellectual property licensing is the trending new business goal-kicker. Study it now.​

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

Commercial Reality

All Iptium educators have professions that are immersed in managing and leading IP commercialisation and monetisation.

Workshop learnings are from real experiences and best practices as applied to the Iptium curriculum to provide attending executives practical skills and knowledge.  Real experience first, now transforming to educational courses.

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