Australia’s first practical education for licensing of intellectual property for company leaders.

IPTIUM is focused on creating and delivering education to challenge our most senior Chief Executives and Directors.  The learning model is developed through theoretical knowledge which is then applied in practical workshops to work on real IP issues and opportunities, while infusing the strategic development of their own company.

IPTIUM is a leader in commercialisation and monetisation learnings for those charged with growth, and whom may not have experienced IP licensing, through their marketing, sales and financial careers.

IPTIUM is delivered by Licensing professionals, Attorneys, Lawyers, Finance and Tax specialists to devise courses which boost knowledge and confidence to apply into a company’s strategic plans and execution.


IPTIUM wants to enhance every company’s performance and growth through education of intellectual property licensing.

This will be achieved though our delivery of rigorous, intense and challenging learning paradigms  for corporate executives so we are renown as the  best practical intellectual property licensing education experience.

IPTIUM is focused on leadership  in intellectual property commercialisation and monetisation studies bringing marketing, sales, finance and law disciplines to empower company leaders.


Every company with a market leading brand and innovation has an IPTIUM graduate leading growth through intellectual property licensing.


Due to the competitive advantages that licensing education can unleash, our application and registration process is rigorous to allow company executive attendees the ability to engage and share during the classroom experience.

Celia Murray

  • Founder Iptium
  • Director of Licensing  Commercialisation Untapped Agency
  • Trade Mark Attorney Untapped Agency
  • Co-Founder Sponsology, Champific, Stemdom, Bestowly