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IP Licensing is missing in the Boardroom

Intellectual Property Licensing is the least explored growth strategy for Australian companies. As an under-utilised value creation programme, in terms of new revenue streams and quantified accounting value, commercialisation of these intangible assets can deliver a significant competitor advantage.

Why is IP Licensing not a strategic growth plan?

Intellectual property and the monetisation of intangible assets is a silently trending strategic growth programme for progressive businesses.  For those leaders who are investing in intellectual property (IP) licensing, they are realising new revenue streams and engaging new consumers while their competitors idle.

Why License your Brand Intellectual Property?

Licensing is the controlled ‘leasing’ of your intangible assets.  Many businesses are unaware of the potential gold mine that unlocking your assets may deliver.  Here is just a quick list of some of the benefits of licensing: Build Brand Awareness.You may be the market leader in your core category but outside of this your brand […]

IP Licensing Education Launches

A local Trademark Attorney and Licensing Agent, has launched Australia’s first intellectual property (IP) licensing education course for business leaders to create new royalty revenue streams from leveraging their intangible assets. Created by Celia Murray, the new IP licensing programme provides intensive learning workshops for company executives and owners aiming to empower them to develop […]