Aussies Are Incredible

Australia is a nation of inventors, creators, innovators, artists and big ideas. 

Commercialisation Education

Aussies are creative and inventive

Iptium education empowers innovators and artists
with practical courses  to learn intellectual property
and apply it to your ideas and business

Iptium has a simple goal. To enrich our nation through exploitation of our inventions, innovation and creativity.

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

Creators Need Skills to Protect

Iptium education is created by leading intellectual property professionals across law, finance,marketing, sales and licensing commercialisation.

Practical IP Courses

Innovators Need Education

In the new world of rapid change, astounding technology and brand domination, new strategies for intellectual property innovation are evolving.

Businesses that create and successfully leverage innovation are outperforming their competitors, driving new sustainable growth and delivering new revenue income opportunities.

National Wealth

Australia Needs To Grow Together

Iptium courses unlock your ability to understand intellectual property as a business asset and growth strategy. 

If all Aussie’s understand this power then consider how rapidly, efficiently and profitably we could work together.



Learn how to make money from your copyright works​


Discover how to monetise your inventions​


Learn commercialisation strategies for smart growth

Aussies are an innovative bunch. We just need to get smarter at making money from our ideas

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