IP Licensing Education Launches in Australia

A local Trademark Attorney and Licensing Agent, has launched Australia’s first intellectual property (IP) licensing education course for business leaders to create new royalty revenue streams from leveraging their intangible assets.

Created by Celia Murray, the new IP licensing programme provides intensive learning workshops for company executives and owners aiming to empower them to develop a licensing strategy.

Celia recognised the knowledge gap in the market where company owners and leaders are not exploiting their biggest assets – their intangible assets – to extend into new channels and territories.

Intellectual property commercialisation and monetisation is underperforming at a Board and Executive level.  “Licensing is the least explored growth strategy by company leaders but can deliver a significant competitive advantage” says Celia and she attributes this to the lack of educational course availability and of practical learning environments.

The learning programme, named IPTIUM, has challenged this knowledge deficit by delivering a range of executive level educational workshops that combine all facets of an intellectual property licensing programme.  Participants are up-skilled in marketing, sales, finance and law as it pertains to strategically developing and implementing a licensing programme.

Iptium partners with lawyers and accountants proficient in intellectual property management to provide the holistic and intensive learning experience.  This complements the sales and marketing business learning requirements delivered in the workshop for a company leader to assess their own company and comprehend IP licensing strategy and resources.

“Every executive should make IP licensing their number one strategic growth goal through gaining a top view understanding of all facets of commercialisation and monetisation”.

“When effectively managed, a licensing strategy can reduce new product development costs and risks, allow for rapid global expansion, increase a brand’s life cycle and offer the intellectual property owner a new income stream from royalty revenue” shares Celia.

The goal of IPTIUM is to work alongside Australia’s most endearing brands and companies to lead the Chief Executives and Boards through the process off licensing development, implementation and management to accelerate growth and profits.

“There are many goldmines out there that companies are unknowingly sitting on and we intend to help exploit these” promises Celia Murray.

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