Intellectual Property Licensing Education

Value of IP Licensing

Intellectual Property Licensing can create wealth for all stakeholders.

For many Business Leaders, licensing is an untapped mechanism for exploiting latent intellectual property.

Iptium courses are designed as intensive immersion into the laws, financial models, sales strategies and marketing opportunities for Company Leaders to best prepare for including IP Licensing in the company strategic plan.

Make Your Mark

Licensing drives agility and flexibility in a dynamic corporate environment.  You take the lead.

Trending Strategy

Intellectual property licensing is the trending new corporate goal-kicker.

Competitive Edge

IP licensing is the least utilised strategic growth programme for companies.  Get ahead.

Governance and Strategy

To launch a licensing programme, a company needs a cohesive licensing strategy for implementation and key metrics in place for the expected new growth and intellectual property control.

Licensing accountability and management straddles many internal departments and introduces new external stakeholders.  Knowledge and practical comprehension that every Corporate Leader should know.

Benefits of Intellectual Property Licensing

  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Reduce expansion risks
  • Decrease NPD costs
  • Attract new customers
  • Build brand awareness
  • Expand into new channels and markets
  • Engage new consumers in non-core categories
  • Tap into comprehensive manufacturing experience with lower production costs
  • Increase current manufacturing economies of scale
  • The IP Owner may partially funds commercialisation process
  • Simplified and expedited globalisation
  • Increases brand value and shareholder value

An Iptium IP Licensing course will help you develop the knowledge and framework required to strategically develop licensing into your company

Licensing is Innovation


Another buzzword innovation is top of mind for Australian company leaders but in too many cases not in the strategic plan.
Learn how licensing of your intellectual property creates your innovation journey and how you can implement.


A deal can arise where an intellectual property rights owner (licensor) authorises another party (licensee)
to use the intellectual property (commercialisation) in exchange for a fee (royalty revenue) for an agreed period of time in a specific place.


The greater the economic potential for the use of the intellectual property, the higher the exploitation opportunities.
Create incremental new revenue while you focus on your core business.  Utilise the intangible benefits of your IP with the commercial experience of external stakeholders.


IP Licensing has revenue generating power and, with knowledge and experience, has the ability to achieve globalisation goals more rapidly than traditional new product development (NPD) and could comparatively reduce risk and costs for expansion.