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Licensing is the least explored growth strategy
utilised by Australian business leaders,
inventors, creators and entrepreneurs

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What Is
IP Licensing

It is the untapped growth stragegy
that used to generate new income streams,
share innovation, build brand awareness, open new markets,
increase distrubution and more
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An Iptium IP Licensing course will help you develop the knowledge and skills required to strategically develop licensing into your company, business or manage your own IP

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Brand Licensing

Brand licensing is one of the most lucrative licensing strategies utilised.

Iptium offers a range of couses on how to license


Australia’s innovative eduction provider to teach intellectual property licensing commercialisation and monetisation

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Uniquely curated cohesive programs totally focused on how to license intellectual property made for Australia​


Courses developed by leading Attorneys, Lawyers, Accountants and professional licensing practioners​


Inspiring and focused courses to rapidly upskill for business executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and artists​

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