Intellectual Property Licensing Education

Advantages of Attending

  • Executive Level Education

    A practical approach empowering you to learn, engage, network and balance your career.

  • Australian Focused

    The only leadership course reviewing Australian business dynamics to strategically develop and manage IP licensing.

  • One Day Courses

    Providing fast, intensive learning to up-skill at a rapid pace.  IP Licensing courses to leverage your dynamic business requirements.

  • Restricted Entry

    To attend the most appropriate course to match your business industry and internal resource capabilities.

  • Targeted IP

    Workshops developed specifically to licensing of IP Assets across trademarks, patents, design and copyright.

  • Leading Educators

    Experienced and commercial IP Licensing educators from within industry. Deal makers, IP strategists and leading practitioners.

Commercial Reality

IP licensing education by IPTIUM is Australia’s first practical study of licensing of intellectual property for company leaders to commercialise and monetise your brands, innovations, copyright and designs.

Through education we unlock untapped value in companies.

IPTIUM is focused on creating and delivering education to challenge our most senior Chief Executives, IP Owners and Directors.

The learning model is developed through theoretical knowledge which is then applied in practical workshops to work on real IP issues and opportunities, while infusing the strategic development of their own company.

Leading Educators

IPTIUM workshops are delivered by intellectual property licensing professionals who are commercially engaged to drive IP licensing growth in progressive Australian companies.

Our educators are Attorneys, Lawyers, Finance and Tax Accountants and Licensing Agents running their own successful businesses who have now joined forces to lead the IP licensing education for Australian corporate executives.

Workshop learnings are from real experiences and best practices as applied to the IPTIUM curriculum to provide attending executives practical skills and knowledge.

Iptium is a leader in commercialisation and monetisation practise for those charged with growth, and whom may not have experienced IP licensing through their marketing, sales and financial careers.

Invest in your Career

IPTIUM provides accelerated educational programmes to empower decision makers.

The learning is created to enhance leadership capabilities through a framework of comprehensive and in-depth knowledge for immediate impact.

IPTIUM delivers hands-on learning with real intellectual property licensing issues and case studies.